The Castle moat

September 2nd, 2011

The Castle facade

September 1st, 2011

View of the Castle

August 23rd, 2011

This week I shot the breeze with a few friends for a couple hours, and then we uploaded the results to the internet with the certainty that our words would broaden the minds and fill the hearts of the multitudes.

David Ellis. Scott Sharkey. Ryan O’Donnel. Good men.

We discuss indie games (like Spelunky, Canabalt and Super Meat Boy), the IGF, and childhood fixations that have failed us in adulthood.

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Interview on Critical Hit

November 26th, 2009

While in Chicago last month, I recorded an interview with Columbia College’s gaming podcast, Critical Hit. This a well-made show which I whole-heartedly recommend. The interview was very well-prepared, and even later on, when the conversation becomes more freeform and casual, it remains a worthwhile listen. Hopefully my perception isn’t skewed because I enjoyed myself! We talked so much, they got two episodes out of it.

The show begins with an interview about Braid and indie game development. Later on the guys asked me about my career path (if you will) from art school through Braid and (conceivably) beyond. Then we talk about upcoming games and games of the past. The tone progresses linearly from polished professionalism (credit to Joe Locastro) towards irreverent improvisation (Anthony Sixto), finally into audience-insulting profanity (me). John Gosling accompanies throughout in a low register.

Direct Download for Part 1
Direct Download for Part 2

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Visit the Critical Hit homepage (and stream the show from your browser).

Thanks to the Critical Hit team for an enjoyable conversation.

Animation Assistant Needed

November 23rd, 2009

This year I’ve been working with a couple friends on an animation project. It will be released free online as a series of shorts. It’s dialog-oriented, with the art supporting the voice acting in economical ways. The closest thing to compare it to is Dr. Katz.

We’re looking for someone to help with part of the art production, so I can move into a more direction/planning/supervisory role, and we can crank out a 4-minute episode every other week. I will be doing storyboards, painting the backgrounds, and drawing some guide character poses, and you will be drawing many of the characters, and arranging assets on the timeline.

Drawing: As you can see, the style of the characters is not elaborate, but please be able to imitate this look, and have a good sense of humor and comic timing. The characters switch from pose to pose, so you don’t need to be an expert at animating fluid, lifelike motion. It’s more important to be able to listen to some dialog and come up with a pose or gesture, often something simple and understated, that makes it a little more real. Like I said, I’ll be doing the backgrounds.

Timeline: Are you familiar with layers, keyframes, tweening, and stuff like that? Under my jealous and domineering supervision, you will be tasked with combining all the assets in Toon Boom Animate (if you have experience with Flash, it’s broadly similar to that).

Big points if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, like me! That way we can meet up in person. Smaller points if you’re in Seattle or Kirkland, WA (where Jeff and Casey are).

It’s a paid position. More info available over e-mail.

Please send us a link to your portfolio: jobs “at” Or attach a couple reasonably-sized graphics.

David Hellman Industries proudly announces its long awaited gardening sequel, Hedge Master: Gardener’s Pledge, Volume 5: Edging. All the pledgeful promises and hardening appendages you recall from Gardener’s Den: Gate of Ardin: Co-Ed Dorm Edition returns, refueled and faintly flavored with intelligent restraint.

Indolent upon the lawn, your hardy gardener detects danger and springs into dangerous attire. Follow him through seventeen layers of redolent foliage, enslave the world!

Fez becomes Fedge
Eliss follow-up Edgeliss
Closure becomes Closure on the Edge of Reality
Ledge Dismount
Edward McEdgington
Critter Crunch becomes Critter Credge
Canabalt becomes Canabedge
Edgeform: On the Edge of Insanity
And Yet it Moves becomes And Edge It Moves
Space Edge: Edge of Space

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