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August 1st, 2012

With a couple new projects launching this year, it seems like a good idea for me to develop a more active relationship with the people who are interested in my work. So yesterday, I posted some of my recent sketchbook drawings to my Facebook page. More to come on a regular basis.

I also took the risk of sending out a raft of “Like” requests. I didn’t spam everyone available, but went through my friend list and picked people whom I felt relatively comfortable harassing with such a thing. (Obviously I did not pick anyone very tall or strong, martial artists, or gun owners.) Thank you to everybody who took a look at the page, clicked “Like” or left a comment. I know we’re all awash in this social media stuff, but for me, it was a surprisingly heart-warming demonstration of support.

Sentiments aside, by clicking “Like” you are helping me get the word out about new projects. Specifics coming soon…

For now, please follow my work here:

Bret Victor talk

February 14th, 2012

Bret Victor, visionary software designer and purveyor of impossible dreams, recently delivered a keynote at the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference.

A video of the talk is now available to all.

It’s an hour that flies by with beautiful software demos and an impassioned message about pursuing your creative purpose.

Bret used to work at Apple, where he was sort of a one-man dream factory for experimental user interface concepts. He also produced the interactive info graphics for the Al Gore book for iPad, Our Choice.

Anyway, this is good stuff, but the reason I arose from the ocean deep to blog about it is that I’ve done some original art that features in a couple of Bret’s demos. There’s one with a tree:

Consistent with my usual working method, I first produced an inappropriately dark and moody version (David Hellman blog exclusive):

And these:

There is even a Braid cameo in there.

So go ahead and watch Bret’s talk. It’s great.

This week I shot the breeze with a few friends for a couple hours, and then we uploaded the results to the internet with the certainty that our words would broaden the minds and fill the hearts of the multitudes.

David Ellis. Scott Sharkey. Ryan O’Donnel. Good men.

We discuss indie games (like Spelunky, Canabalt and Super Meat Boy), the IGF, and childhood fixations that have failed us in adulthood.

Direct download (55.4 MB) – Length: 2:00:58

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David Hellman Industries proudly announces its long awaited gardening sequel, Hedge Master: Gardener’s Pledge, Volume 5: Edging. All the pledgeful promises and hardening appendages you recall from Gardener’s Den: Gate of Ardin: Co-Ed Dorm Edition returns, refueled and faintly flavored with intelligent restraint.

Indolent upon the lawn, your hardy gardener detects danger and springs into dangerous attire. Follow him through seventeen layers of redolent foliage, enslave the world!

Fez becomes Fedge
Eliss follow-up Edgeliss
Closure becomes Closure on the Edge of Reality
Ledge Dismount
Edward McEdgington
Critter Crunch becomes Critter Credge
Canabalt becomes Canabedge
Edgeform: On the Edge of Insanity
And Yet it Moves becomes And Edge It Moves
Space Edge: Edge of Space

An explanation may be warranted:
Overview by Boing Boing
More background by TIG Source
And more from Chaos Edge

Derek Yu (Aquaria, Spelunky)

Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy, Goo!)
There is a great deal of symbolism, so click to enlarge.

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October 9th, 2009

I’m at TIG Jam at the Flashbang Office in Tempe, Arizona, with about 29 other indie developers. Everyone is working on various cool-looking projects. The TIG Jam website is updating live with graphics from the event, including a web cam. I’ll be posting concept art there over the next few days.

Darkstalkers Tribute

October 1st, 2009

Oh, I forgot to mention that I did a painting for the Darkstalkers Tribute book that came out recently. We weren’t supposed to talk about it, and then we were, and I wasn’t sure when it was okay, and I just forgot about it.

But here it is:

For those who don’t know, this is a character from a popular series of fighting games. Pretty sure he’s a vampire. The book has a lot of vampires, as well as mummies. There are also a lot of sexy girls, because undead things are sexy.

Also! When the poster shop opens in the near future, a limited run of these will be available for purchase!

To make this blog post slightly more interesting, I thought I’d share some of the rough drafts. In the original sketch, the guy was more weird looking:

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