The latest episode of The 1UP Show features J.B. and me yammering on about Braid. You can watch that segment below. For the full show, including segments on Dark Sector and Smash Bros. Brawl, click here.

Chatting with Matt Chandronait and Jay Frechette was a real pleasure! They were genuinely into the game and very thoughtful about the indie scene and stuff in general.

9 Responses to “The 1UP Show Interviews Jon Blow and Me”

  1. Marc Says:

    I wonder if it was the fact that the level design was mostly done by the time you started that allowed you to not use tiles. It seems one of the benefits of using tiles is that you can change the level design around without having to redraw much or at all. Or did your system of blending pieces together allow for that as well?

  2. David Hellman Says:

    It did, necessarily. The fuzzy-edged pieces the game is built from are repeated in different positions, rotations, scales and combinations throughout the worlds, so by definition they have to be rearrange-able. Even a game with tile graphics starts with stripped-down visuals, generic collision tiles that are later individualized as grass, rock, brick, etc.

    Since there seems to be some interest in this, I’ll go into more detail in a future Art of Braid feature.

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  4. oligophagy Says:

    Good interview. Now I’m curious how Braid’s art is arranged internally. I’d very much like to see pictures of individual level pieces or more details on the hazy, parallax background layers, especially the intro-fire, story-clouds, and sun beams; or the dolly-zoom effect when rewinding. They’re subtle touches, and I wonder at the refinement they must have gone through.

  5. David Hellman Says:

    Okay, I’ll definitely show that in one of the next Art of Braid features.

  6. javier Says:

    Wow. I like the game concept and the art, but this makes me not want to have anything to do with Braid in the first place. This seemed like such a pretentious interview, with the silly shaky-cam and lens filter business. Were the topic an 8-bit mario game, you could say the same things over and make it feel as “artsy”. Sorry for the negativity.

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  8. Toups Says:

    That’s all 1up video features, though.

    I enjoyed it, and am thirding the desire for a more technical look at the art of braid.

  9. Kareem Says:

    ^^^ Though it’s been almost 4 years but still, this interviewing chit-chat about braid was informative and fun, nothing pretentious at all..
    What you’re calling “silly shaky-cam and lens filter business” is absolutely a misjudgment from someone whose obviously too hasty..

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