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New art on Facebook

August 1st, 2012

With a couple new projects launching this year, it seems like a good idea for me to develop a more active relationship with the people who are interested in my work. So yesterday, I posted some of my recent sketchbook drawings to my Facebook page. More to come on a regular basis.

I also took the risk of sending out a raft of “Like” requests. I didn’t spam everyone available, but went through my friend list and picked people whom I felt relatively comfortable harassing with such a thing. (Obviously I did not pick anyone very tall or strong, martial artists, or gun owners.) Thank you to everybody who took a look at the page, clicked “Like” or left a comment. I know we’re all awash in this social media stuff, but for me, it was a surprisingly heart-warming demonstration of support.

Sentiments aside, by clicking “Like” you are helping me get the word out about new projects. Specifics coming soon…

For now, please follow my work here:


One Response to “New art on Facebook”

  1. Karl Says:

    For years now I have been going to alessonislearned.com every so often with the futile hope that somehow, someway there would be a new comic. Sometimes I would go back and read the archives. Sometimes I would just stare listlessly at the lizard lamp and floating head balloon for moments on end. But I would always be swept with that simultaneous joy of past experiences and sadness for the fact that said experiences are, in fact, in the past that is nostalgia.

    Then one fateful day in May, I read a message from one of the comic’s creators that a new beginning was in the works. Could it be? Surely this was some sort of late April Fools Day prank. Confirmed by the other creator. Doubly confirmed by their conversation on the topic. Overwhelming happiness, is the best way I could describe my emotions at the news. That this beautifully absurd, yet always insightful to the human condition, work of art would be returning after 5 long years away brought upon me unequivocal bliss.

    So now, since May, I go to the comic’s home every day, instead of only seasonally, looking for any change, any sign of life, if only to reassure myself that the news of its return was not some hallucinated fever dream induced by the Summer heat. It has become a sort of hopeful masochism. After 5 years without lovelorn Yetis or zombie alligators, I think back to the times I would be so upset that it had taken the makers 5 weeks instead of 4 to produce a new masterpiece and smile at my naivety. Teased and taunted by images and videos of the new work’s creation, every visit back to the unchanged site is like a single droplet in a seemingly endless infliction of water torture.

    But, what else to do but wait? Just another day…

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