Zelda Landscape in Progress

February 25th, 2012

Ever since playing through the latest Zelda adventure back in November, I’ve been brimming with conflicted feelings. My frustrated devotion to the Zelda franchise has perhaps never been more acute, never more debilitating. Leave it to Tevis Thompson to describe what’s going on inside my exhausted brain, in his essay which you should read, Saving Zelda.

Reading that made me more determined than ever to convert my unhealthy fixation into some kind of creative output. So here is a painting, still in progress in the final image below, which attempts to capture what I love best about Zelda. The good part of Zelda. Zelda as it should be.

(Some relevant nouns: openness, exploration, autonomy, mystery, challenge, continuity.)

Here’s a slightly higher res version of the latest draft.

To make things interesting, I’ve been tweeting updates as the painting develops. I like the attention and it’s fun to hear from people who are also crazy about this stuff. It’s good motivation to keep going. Next, I’m adding color. If you want to follow along, follow me on Twitter.

(A while back I wrote a blog entry called Zelda Games Petty, Domineering, which details a disturbing incident.)

One Response to “Zelda Landscape in Progress”

  1. Shane Smith Says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished result!

    I’ve wanted to do a Zelda landscape series myself for a while now. There are so many inspiring locales in the series that are crying out for a reimagining.

    If I do get around to doing it I don’t think I’ll paint anything from Skward Sword, that game has left a sour taste in my mouth. I found it just way too easy, even if I didn’t want any hints they were shoved in my face at every turn.

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