Interview on Critical Hit

November 26th, 2009

While in Chicago last month, I recorded an interview with Columbia College’s gaming podcast, Critical Hit. This a well-made show which I whole-heartedly recommend. The interview was very well-prepared, and even later on, when the conversation becomes more freeform and casual, it remains a worthwhile listen. Hopefully my perception isn’t skewed because I enjoyed myself! We talked so much, they got two episodes out of it.

The show begins with an interview about Braid and indie game development. Later on the guys asked me about my career path (if you will) from art school through Braid and (conceivably) beyond. Then we talk about upcoming games and games of the past. The tone progresses linearly from polished professionalism (credit to Joe Locastro) towards irreverent improvisation (Anthony Sixto), finally into audience-insulting profanity (me). John Gosling accompanies throughout in a low register.

Direct Download for Part 1
Direct Download for Part 2

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Visit the Critical Hit homepage (and stream the show from your browser).

Thanks to the Critical Hit team for an enjoyable conversation.

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