David Hellman Industries proudly announces its long awaited gardening sequel, Hedge Master: Gardener’s Pledge, Volume 5: Edging. All the pledgeful promises and hardening appendages you recall from Gardener’s Den: Gate of Ardin: Co-Ed Dorm Edition returns, refueled and faintly flavored with intelligent restraint.

Indolent upon the lawn, your hardy gardener detects danger and springs into dangerous attire. Follow him through seventeen layers of redolent foliage, enslave the world!

Fez becomes Fedge
Eliss follow-up Edgeliss
Closure becomes Closure on the Edge of Reality
Ledge Dismount
Edward McEdgington
Critter Crunch becomes Critter Credge
Canabalt becomes Canabedge
Edgeform: On the Edge of Insanity
And Yet it Moves becomes And Edge It Moves
Space Edge: Edge of Space

An explanation may be warranted:
Overview by Boing Boing
More background by TIG Source
And more from Chaos Edge

3 Responses to “Hedge Master: Gardener’s Pledge, Vol. 5: Edging”

  1. Edgeward McEdgingtonâ„¢ « Art and Game Development Says:

    […] Hedge Master: Gardener’s Pledge, Vol. 5: Edging by David Hellman […]

  2. Ted Martens Says:

    Hahaha, nice 😉

  3. ALH Says:

    oh you sneaky indies, I thought this was real for a second!

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