TIG Jam Talks

October 12th, 2009

TIG Jam has run its course and I’m back in San Francisco. (The weather is blessedly gray and cool.) The jam was terrific, such a great creative shot in the arm. The indie community is truly talented and supportive.

On the last night, some of us gave 5-minute talks about whatever happened to be on our minds, indie-wise. Matthew Wegner, CEO of Flashbang (who hosts the jam) encouraged us to eschew the angry ranting format and talk about constructive things. A video of the talks has just been posted, presumably by Matthew. Keep in mind these are highly informal and somewhat off-the-cuff, coming at the end of 3 days of 30 people hanging out together in a medium-sized room.

I come in at 21:00. Other speakers include Danny Baranowsky, Derek Yu, Chris DeLeon, Adam Saltzman, Alec Holowka, and Tommy Refenes.

Update: Here’s the video of everyone showing their projects, later in the evening. Unfortunately, for much of the running time there’s no view of the screen where the work is actually displayed…

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  1. alastair john jack Says:

    seems like there was a lot of light on the screen when it was shown too

  2. Alpha version of DBC · | my fun affair Says:

    […] to start each DBC with some kind of lecture – we called it TALK inspired by TIGJAM’s talks (http://www.davidhellman.net/blog/archives/304). I thought that a half an hour for the talk would be enough, but it transformed into a form of […]

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