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May 12th, 2009

I was recently interviewed by a Brazillian games podcast, Now Loading Round #45. My Portuguese being weak, the interview was conducted in English. The podcast includes both the original and translation (although it’s mostly Portuguese!).

English language readers can view the page translated by Google.

We talked about Braid’s art, the sometimes confusing marriage of gameplay and storytelling, and I even fielded a few questions that were obviously written for Jon!

12 Responses to “Interview on Now Loading”

  1. Gús Kitagawa Says:

    Hi, David!

    (First of all, I’m sorry for my poor english. Please, ignore my misspellings)

    I’m brazilian, and I’m a huge fan of Nowloading Podcast. I like the new things they brought to us listeners…

    Well, I’m here to tell you that the most exciting and innovative game I’ve ever played is Braid! The gameplay and the storytelling are very amazing, very very well joined. One really needs the other! And together they are a brand new experience… Unforgetable!

    I think that’s the correct word: experience. It’s not just a game. It’s not a “super mario’s style plataform game”. No way. It’s storytelling experience, the gameplay is just the backgroung for it.

    Well, as a illustrator, I tell you sincerely that Braid’s apogee is the art. The backgrounds are the BEST I’ve ever seen! I recognize the effort behind all of them, there’s research, there’s passion and emotion in every single part of it. Truly masterpieces…

    Congratulations for your work! And thank you for made Braid’s gameplay being unique by your art!

  2. Márcio Zacarias Says:

    Hello, David!

    Like Gús, who posted the message just above, i’m brazilian too and i’m also a big fan of NowLoading.

    I would like to congratulate you for having contributed to the site with your interview, was the cherry of the cake to the cast be perfect.

    I would also like to congratulate your for have helped to make the more beatiful and incredible work in the videogames world. I hope you have so much success in your life, because really deserves that! 😉

    Congratulations again!

    (Sorry by my baaad english =P)

  3. Henrique P. Borges Says:

    Hey! Another brazilian comment. (sry for my english in advance)

    I’m am not a fan of NowLoading(actually I am, just to be a different comment).first of all thx to accept a interview on a Brazilian Podcast! That means a lot to us. I bought Braid from Steam and all that I have to say it’s: Braid wouldn’t be half without your art, seriously.

    And Braid will be forever on a Gamers Heart be sure!

    Long Live to David Hellman! (and for all the rest of the staff, of course)

  4. Luciano Neo Says:

    Hello, I am “Luciano Neo” from Brazil too, and I like to congratulate you for the AWESOME work in Braid, really Braid is a game WONDERFULL and thanks to your design on game! I am game designer too and I know how hard is make a good and beatifull game! Hugsssss!

  5. diego dos santos Says:

    Hi, David!

    Man…WHAT A GAME…after I listen to the Nowloading podcast I felt that was THE game that and I and, certainly, a great part of nostalgic players of plataform games want, but with some special “ingredients” that make so beatifull for your eyes and to your mind. Also a had the demo version when was launched by Steam, but I never played until this week…my god…What a huge mistake =/…But soon as possible I will buy the complete version, just waiting for $$$

    By the way, I send to Nowloading team a poster of them characterized as Tim and other figures from Braid. Here the link:

    That`s all and Congratulations!!

  6. David Hellman Says:

    Wow, thanks for the great responses, everybody.

    Diego, I love that picture, and actually André from the podcast sent it to me himself.

    I wish I could understand the podcast so I’d know a little more of what was discussed, but it’s enough to know there is love out there for Braid.

  7. Natchy Says:

    Hey David!
    Congratulations for the art on Braid, it is reeeeaally, really, really really awesome!
    Well.. they talked about how great they think the game is (and it is indeed), talked about the bomb thing.. and how you can get different interpretations by playing.. uhh.. they said a lot about the making of too… uh.. oh they said a lot more! 😀
    Well, gratz again! 🙂

    Mayonnaise! 😀

  8. Evandro de Freitas Says:

    Had been excited about other games before, but with Braid was the first time I left to make something of my day to day to go straight home play. And worth every minute. While playing, beautiful graphics, music hang a puzzle where gameplay was sure that it should resolve in a way but it was missing for not being in the "right time", I was convinced something was wrong but the timing. I started to think about it, how many times we find that certain something we do not know if that is the right time for taking such a decision? Ask someone in love, out of a job, or ask forgiveness for fighting someone, everything is amazing how this game can be related to our life. And worse, after nearly 30 minutes I was trying to realize that my way of solving the puzzle was wrong. There goes another explosion of head. Much as I had at the right time is that my belief was wrong! =p

    Anyway, thanks again for being available to share views and experiences with us mostly.

    PS. sorry for the English, used an online translator

  9. pedrohenri Says:

    OMG, I don´t speak English(I am brazilian too), but I’ve got to tell you about this GAME.I think it is Wonderfull! Amazing!
    A bit too hard for my head I must say! Congratulations!Beatifull design and easy gameplay.

  10. Luana Says:

    Hi David, I’ve done the nowloading’s podcast narration of your story and I must confess I had only heard about it when the guys came up with the idea. After getting to know a little more about the games’ story I’ve got so amazed by your criativity. The grafics remaided me of a watercolour painting and the way people get different interpretations of the story opens space for some philosofical discussion among the players. If that wasn’t worth enough, as a physicist, I’ve got to tell you that the time manipulation has blown my mind .
    Congrats again for your talent!

  11. Márcio Says:

    Hello David.
    Well, after hearing the nowloading podcast of Braid I became just one more of your fans.
    I must say that the most important thing that kept me absororbed by Braid is the art. Thanks to you, of course.
    As a listener of nowloading podcast,I must thank you for your participation because it was really interesting.
    I hope to see you in another game project soon.

  12. Lucas2099 Says:

    Hello, David!

    I also heard your interview on Nowloading podcast, and decided to leave a reply here to praise the wonderful art of Braid, who among so many qualities, was the one which most caught my attention to play this great work of art.

    Ah! I also have a question: In the first picture/puzzles, are they dancing? ._.

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