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Braid Trailer

April 9th, 2009

On the eve of Braid’s Windows PC release, here’s a new trailer. For the innocent, it will spark wonder. For others, it will deepen the lines of bittersweet remembrance.

You can buy Braid for PC at Greenhouse, Steam, Impulse or Gamers Gate. All these stores will make Braid available some time on April 10.

The PC version has the same content as the xbox version, except that you can play with a keyboard or an Xbox 360 controller. (Finally those blocks in the bathroom mean something.) Also, it has the level editing tools used by Jon and me. So you can make your own Braid levels and stuff. Jon wrote a little about that here.

More info may be available at www.braid-game.com and Jonathan Blow’s blog.

8 Responses to “Braid Trailer”

  1. Steve Chiavelli Says:


  2. Braid, motherfucker, have you played it? | Grobstein Says:

    […] version comes out tomorrow. Here’s a trailer (minor spoilers for your sense of discovery; watch only if you won’t otherwise rush to play […]

  3. Umer Says:

    Use the broken hourglass with the emerging sandcastle as boxart.

  4. David Hellman Says:

    Yes sir!! Actually we already have used that image for the XBLA box art. I’m not sure how some of the graphics on these sites got put together. Some of them were not by me (just made from my illustrations).

  5. Brent Says:

    I just finished playing Braid on the PC. What an absolute treat that was. I’ve been all over your site, and was looking for the puzzle image from world 2. Is there any chance you can add those puzzle images to the braid graphics briefcase? I also noticed you have a (closed) shop. Is there any way I could buy a print, or even a poster of that picture when you have the time? Thanks!

  6. David Hellman Says:

    I’m working on a way to sell prints, but I’m not sure I want to offer the puzzle images. I feel that they’re best in the game, as a reward for completing the puzzles. Also they were not painted at high enough resolution to print well, so it would require a lot of work to prepare them for that…

  7. Lalol Says:

    when I first saw Braid I thought “omg, it looks like the alessonislearned comics”. I played the game (It’s freaking awesome) and then i google “a lesson is learned braid” and there were you!!!
    I love alessonislearned & Braid.
    I hope to have some of the talent you have.
    Awesome job.
    Waiting to see more about your work!

  8. ХУДОЖНИК Says:

    I also like the pictures in this game although I do not like to play but registration is interesting in itself

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