Just a few days after my first appearance on At 1UP, I got to return alongside two intellectual giants of the indie games scene. Jason Rohrer is a pioneer of the so-called “art games” category — games which deliberately carry personal or philosophical statements in their logic and behavior — and Eskil Steenberg is a man creating a Massively Multiplayer Online game entirely by himself, using his own tools.

I had just seen both of their talks in the Indie Games Summit (where I snapped these photos), and leapt at the chance to share a table with them for an hour. In particular, I was very keen to pick Eskil’s brain, but it turns out it’s very good at picking itself, as one should deduce from his work.

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EDIT: I just listened to it … You might wonder, especially towards the end, if a producer sped up the tape to fit into a time constraint. But no, everyone was really talking that fast.

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  1. Brian Says:

    I really enjoyed the episode you guys were on. I’m still digesting everything you guys said. I look forward to hearing you guys in another podcast.

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