It’s Blobsexual

March 6th, 2009

A Boy and His Blob 2009

Hey, what a nice idea, setting a game outside the hero’s house, with a city twinkling in the distance. I really like that. Does seem kinda familiar, though … Where have I seen that bef—

Braid 2008

Oh, that’s right! Wow! If imitation is flattery, I am FLAT!

Oh, hang on a second…

A Boy and His Blob 1989

My apologies.

8 Responses to “It’s Blobsexual”

  1. Halfang Says:

    hahaha oh wow

  2. Gregory Weir Says:

    I’ve always thought Braid was a Boy and His Blob ripoff. Shame on you. 🙂

  3. Brittany Says:


  4. Marc Says:

    I thought the same thing. They must have taken inspiration from Braid for the graphics.

  5. Cal Neuvost Says:

    Of course A Boy and His Blob is a Braid rip-off! Braid doesn’t function in time the way other games do. A Boy and His Blob were ripping off Braid before Braid even existed.

  6. Sky Says:

    I actually thought that Braid’s art was a little bit derivative of the art from A Lesson Is Learned. I didn’t realize how spot on I was until a few weeks ago.

  7. Brian Boyko Says:

    Wow! They’re remaking Boy and his Blob!? I loved that game as a kid, despite the obvious handling issues.

  8. David Hellman » Blog Archive » Well, it made me laugh Says:

    […] discussed WayForward’s A Boy and His Blob already, but I feel that this adds something valuable to the discourse. Posted in Braid, Fan Creations […]

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