Soulja Boy on Braid

September 15th, 2008

“They got this game, right, for people who smoke, or people who drink, like if you drink beer and you get drunk, or you smoke weed and you get high … anything, like if you just be getting fucked up. They got this game, right … this shit called Braid. Watch this shit! It about this little guy in a suit, and he walk around. Ain’t even got no point to the game, you just walk around jumping on shit. It look like Mario in the future.”
Soulja Boy

Greatest game review of all time?

Thanks to Nick Suttner and Matt Chandronait for the tip!

11 Responses to “Soulja Boy on Braid”

  1. Josh Kim Says:

    This is hilarious. But…

    “There ain’t no point to the game.” I guess it’s very interesting that different people have different experiences with Braid. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    But really, I love all this Braid related news.

  2. David Hellman Says:

    I think he’s saying the goals are presented in a pretty laid-back way.

  3. daphny Says:

    its like mario, in a buisiness suit, from the FUTURE. seriously you need to contact soulja boy and tell him to start a game review website becuase i will never ever have to read anything ever again. all soulja boy all the time his word is FINAL and ABSOLUTE

  4. Gary Says:

    That’s it, I quit reviewing games. What’s the point anymore? The zenith has been reached.

  5. Johnson Says:

    I suppose he never had the patience to go further than the first world – i would have loved seeing him playing the levels where you interact with your past self ;D

  6. Brittany Says:


  7. Ginkgo Says:

    I think it was an error making the beginning of the game like a “Mario game”; the first World don’t show the real game; this make it seem like a cheap copy with “rewind function”.

    The first time i played the game i thought Tim was an Irish and you were playing in a Leprechaun world.

    Then i bought the full game, i was totally astonished by the story and the game mechanics (yea, and the graphics), and the “Mario game” vanished.

  8. David Hellman » Blog Archive » Soulja Boy on Braid, Reinterpreted Says:

    […] This will only mean anything to you if you have already seen this. […]

  9. JohnnyW Says:

    The video has gone 🙁

  10. JohnnyW Says:

    Found another copy of it. What can I say? It’s fun seeing young people getting stoned and laughing their asses off. Good for them.

  11. David Hellman Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up … Replaced!

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