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Interview at Joystick Division

September 11th, 2008

Gary Hodges of Joystick Division called me over the weekend with some questions. This week he’s publishing the results in three installments. I was very impressed and flattered by the amount of research he’d apparently done.

Part 1 is here, and concerns my upbringing.

Part 2 is here, and concerns Braid.

Part 3 is here, and is of grave concern to all.

2 Responses to “Interview at Joystick Division”

  1. eric-jon waugh Says:

    This reminds me of interviews of Japanese designers.

  2. Axiom Says:

    Pretty good read. I must say, you’ve inspired me as an artist. With this, Braid and the David Hellman (“A Lesson Is Learned…”) at JHU 4.15.07 video.
    Especially with the way you talk about composition with the comic and the way each Braid level is put together. Almost like it’s being made as you walk from left to right.

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