Braid Graphics Briefcase

August 27th, 2008

In response to the great fan creations, we’re making available some graphics from Braid. These are the original images created for the game, so … they should look familiar! Sometimes they are at higher resolution than you have seen. Anyway, please enjoy them however you like!

Click here for the collection!

I have really no idea how much use people will find from these. Please comment if you have some suggestions about what else we could offer.

63 Responses to “Braid Graphics Briefcase”

  1. matthew Says:

    personally, i would like a screensaver that is the title screen cityscape scrolling around and around, clouds funneling deep into my monitor, permanent sunset, but probably that would be a lot of work.

    i really like the tim8.png, where he’s adjusting his tie (or having a heart attack?), and the asleep on his feet tim6.png. i don’t remember them in the game?

  2. Anthony Reddan Says:

    Hi David, Just to let you know – the link to download all wallpapers actually points to the city panorama.



  3. David Hellman Says:

    Matthew, those Tim poses you pointed out are “rare,” but they do happen! The fidgety one is his idle animation that you will see once in a while when Tim’s just standing still. The other one is what shadow Tim does after he runs out of moves to replicate.

    Thanks for spotting that, Anthony. It’s fixed now.

  4. heavyness Says:

    thank you! i was hoping for some art from you guys! this is why you must support and love indie gaming, because they know how to treat their fans.

    also, a screensaver mode in the game would of been a nice extra [just showing the backgrounds animating would of been enough!]

    thanks again!

  5. OJ Says:

    “This being Web 2.0 and all, we thought we’d throw some more material out there for people to use as they like.”

    Does that include other independent (but potentially commercial) games? Eg. can they be used for ‘cameos’?

  6. Justin Says:

    Thanks for putting the art up. Would you also be able to add the castles and flags?

  7. Michael Says:

    Can you please post the wallpapers in 1920 X 1200 resolution for those of us with larger monitors — I would love to use these as my desktop background but they are blurry at 1280.


  8. David Hellman Says:

    OJ, you can use these however you want!

    Michael, I will see what I can do …

  9. Eddie Says:

    Hi Mr. Hellman,

    Any chance of adding the rest of the sprites for the goombas? I’d like to put together my own GIF animations for them. Thank you =)

  10. Darryl Says:

    Some Princess sprites would rock.

  11. David Hellman Says:

    HMMMM, hm hm hm hm hmmmm …

    Yes, they would.

    But I don’t want to encourage that kind of promiscuity. Some things should only exist in one place, you know?

  12. Eddie Says:

    Oh I just want the goombas animated so I can use them as buddy icons/avatars. I had no other uses in mind. Or if I may be more specific I was really looking for the sad goomba face.

  13. John Says:

    Ditto the request for a higher res version of some of the backgrounds. Though I was thinking more along the lines of 1680×1050. Always hard to find those good widescreen backgrounds, and all the artwork from Braid is gorgeous. As high res as possible is always best – it’s easy to downscale something, but we can’t make it look any better.

  14. David Hellman Says:

    Okay, I hear that more and larger sizes for the wallpapers are needed. I will try to get around to that soon…

    Animations would be nice too, huh?

  15. John Says:

    Nice? More like awesome! We’ll take what we can get though…

  16. Tim C. Says:

    If it isnt to much, a background of the inside of the Braid house with all 5 puzzles completed would be amazing!

  17. Daniel Says:

    Glad to see that larger-res wallpapers are on the way, I was just working on making a background today out of them and was hoping for a bit more resolution. Though to be honest, they scale pretty well right now anyways due to the art style.

    I, too, was hoping to see a few more frames of animation in the icons. I think it would be neat to make an animated gif avatar of Tim running forwards.

  18. Josh Becker Says:

    When I stumbled across this, I got very excited, but I ended up slightly disappointed. I’ve been looking around trying to find the square, black and white images that are displayed at the beginning of each level. I thought they’d be in this, but they aren’t.

    Is there any way to add those images to the briefcase?

  19. David Hellman Says:

    Yes, there IS a way! And yes those should be in there. I will add them soon. I’ll make a new post when that happens.

  20. Alec Says:

    thanks for all the artwork david, i was particularly struck by the hourglass/sandcastle picture. i tried to shoe-horn it into a wallpaper using MS paint, but it doesnt do the image justice:

    would you ever consider turning it into a respectable desktop background?

  21. Nick B. Says:

    I would love to see some resized wallpapers to use with non-wide screen monitors. I think Braid was created with WS gaming in mind, but a simple resize would likely make more than a few people happy. Gotta love the old 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×1024, and 1600×1200 wallpaper resolutions. If you\’re already working on those, keep up the great work and wonderful artwork! Hope to see more of it in future games.

  22. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for the updates David!

  23. John Says:

    Thank you for making such a beautiful game and sharing with us your art.

    I’m entranced by how beautiful the game is, and looking for some Braid wallpapers. Too bad the wallpaper can’t animate like how it is in the game.

  24. Durandir Says:

    Thank you for making this!
    I have been “out of the loop” when it comes to Braid for a while, but suddenly remembered that I had asked for images to use for signatures and such. So I thought to check if you had perhaps made a few images available, and then I find this…
    You are a great man.
    I cannot thank you enough for this.

  25. nickthedude Says:

    Hey David,

    Big fan of braid and your work in it. I also do some art as well and was wondering what programs u used to create the paintings or was it scanned in from original pieces? ive been messing around with artrage and some older versions of painter but im not totally satisfied with the depth or breadth of either, photoshop also seems not very conducive to achieving a painted type look. BTW thanks for all the free assets too. very cool of you to offer these, and smart too, getting your imagery out there and increase buzz! nice. you guys really get it.

  26. David Hellman Says:

    Thanks, nickthedude. All the Braid art was drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet…

  27. Nick O Says:

    I really enjoyed your artwork with Braid, and somewhere on the internet I saw a post that said the city panorama was for multiple desktops. I run Ubuntu 8.10 and cropped this image so that I was able to show it fully in “expo” mode. Assuming this makes any sense to you, I’d really like to show it to you and have it posted so that other Braid-fans out there can do the same. If you could let me know how I can do this I’d be very thankful.

  28. JohnnyW Says:

    Hello David! Thanks for this amazing amount of artwork… it’s wonderful to be able to clearly see the all the fantastic detail at your own leisure!

    I have one request (if it might be possible): Could we have images of the finished jigsaws? It’s very hard for me so the final artwork on my lo-res TV and I would LOVE to be able to study them.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for being so giving with your artwork – it’s wonderful!

  29. Odima16 Says:

    Hey David,

    Would you be so kind as to add the frames to Tim’s “death” animation? I just can’t get enough of Tim’s expressions! ^_^


  30. David Hellman Says:

    They’re already in Tim’s animation stack! They’re called dying_loop 1, 2 and 3.

  31. Odima16 Says:

    Oh. Well, I don’t have the shopper of photos, so I guess I should go download it.

    Thanks for letting me know they’re already in there, lol!

  32. Odima16 Says:

    *(Or Paint.NET, or Gimp, or something like that)

  33. Jose Tanganco Says:

    Hey are the five “jig-saw” pictures available anywhere?

  34. Rupert Says:

    This is amazing, thanks so much for making all of this available!

  35. Jartreefist Says:

    I really wish I port the real animated backgrounds of the game as my desktop background, or at least as a screen saver. Beautiful stuff. Great job.

  36. Ted Mielczarek Says:


    It’s very cool of you to release your awesome artwork like this. I notice in a comment here you say “you can do whatever you like with them”, but do you think you could put a license statement on the download page? Being a software person, a license is the first thing I look for before downloading things! It might be easiest for everyone if you picked a license from the Creative Commons collection, as they’re pretty well known nowadays (and therefore make reuse of your work less confusing):

  37. Houston Says:

    Do you have the animated versions of the backgrounds or are they already in the briefcase?

  38. David Hellman Says:

    Welllll those animated backgrounds are made from many little pieces being generated and transformed by a particle system. So, no, those aren’t in the briefcase and there isn’t any way to share them.

    If you buy Braid on PC, you can play with the level editor by putting “-editor” in the command line. I think Jon is working on some more comprehensive documentation, but for now there’s this blog post:

    In theory someone could capture a video of just the background moving, if that would help you.

  39. David Henninger Says:

    Hey David!
    You’re art in the game is just top notch! Especially Tim who doesn’t really fit in with his suit and tie. Great contrast while the style stays the same.

    I bought the game for computer and finished it within a few days (unfortunately). The main world with the paintings and the burning city in the background look fantastic, so i worked on a panorama:
    [***WARNING! SPOILERS!!*** If you have not thoroughly completed Braid, I suggest you look at this one instead. – David Hellman]

    I believe it would look great on the briefcase site, though there are spoilers in the picture.

    David Henninger

  40. David Hellman Says:

    That is really cool, thanks for putting that together! I can see you had to massage it in certain places. That took more work than one might think!

    I’d rather not put it in the briefcase; it is a little too spoilery! My own preference is that certain things should live only in the game. If I help you share this, more people who have not yet solved the puzzles will have those rewarding visions stripped of their impact.

    But it is an awesome memento nonetheless!

  41. David Henninger Says:

    Yep, that’s what I thought too.

    for all those who havent finished the game yet, heres the spoiler free version(quick edit):

    also, i just noticed something: in your picture, the stars are arranged differently. old version of the stars?

    P.S. took a while. i guess around 5-8h. most difficult part was below the bridge and the tall building

  42. David Hellman Says:

    Yes, good eye! The constellation changed at some point.

    Your link isn’t working for me right now…

  43. David Henninger Says:

    works now, was still uploading. very very slow internet connection here 🙁

  44. Gon Says:

    Very nice job! Greetings from Spain

  45. baf Says:

    Very beautiful, thank You

  46. Andreas Says:

    Hello there. I’d like it if you could upload a package with all of the frames from the in game backgrounds. That way you could animate your own desktop background and it would be awesome! 😀

    I love your art, and hope you find it within yourself to create many more masterpieces!

  47. David Hellman Says:

    Periodically someone will ask for the “frames from the backgrounds,” but no such thing exists! The background animations are made from the particle system, and are generated as the game runs. This is explained in one of the Art of Braid articles.

    If you want a video or frame stack of one of the backgrounds, the way to do that is probably to get the game for PC, turn on the editor mode, create a copy of the world you want and delete all the foreground stuff. It’s likely you will suddenly have empty spaces and other problems that the foreground was covering up, but you could move things around and fix that. Then you could use frapps or something to capture video or a framestack of the background running with all the particles going on.

  48. David Henninger Says:

    or if you really like to get all different layers from the bg, go in editor mode, move the layers so none overlap and make screenshots of each image. in photoshop apply a layermask rendering black(=bg) invisible. you might have to play with these options a bit or do it by hand. sure youll loose image quality, but at least you have something 🙂

  49. Peter Pawan Says:

    Hi David,

    I am an independent game developer. I quit my job (as a game coder) 2 months ago to go indie. I code, but I suck at art.

    The art you released, the briefCase, is it ok if I use it in my game?

    I will give complete attributions, link outs and stuff, actually I am prepared to do anything to my game just to be able to use your art.

    Let me know.

    _Pawanay, bigFan

  50. Peter Pawan Says:

    Btw, more detail.
    The game is a board game based on Sokoban. Its going to be an online (Flash) game.

  51. Esquar Says:

    lovely stuff, but there is no link for everything, or am I missing something?

  52. Emily Says:

    This is such a beautiful game =]

    I’d also really love to see higher resolution backgrounds, 1680×1050 specifically.

  53. Tesla12 Says:

    TNX, so much for this 🙂

  54. Cyrus Says:

    Everythink in Braid is GREAT!
    Congratulations, I make a point of colecting every graphic of this masterwork!!!

  55. Cyrus Says:

    Could you provide the graphic of Tim’s ring?

  56. Fernando Says:

    The link isn’t working.
    Is there any chance of getting it back online? I’m planning some animations and I’d love to see the process behind your sprites. Thanks!

  57. David Hellman Says:

    I put it back. Was so intent on stripping things out! Please try again.

  58. Jeffrey Says:

    It would be great if you provide some good definition pictures of paintings at Tim’s house, especially if they were bigger than 640×480. Thanks in advance.

  59. Philip Says:

    hey, echoing what Ted said at @36 — could you please clarify the situations in which we can use this art?

  60. Tim Marciano Says:

    Hi!! I am a graphic artist working for my non-profit church on some upcoming Christmas grahpics. I was wondering if we can use the hourglasscastle image as a part of the overall graphics. Please let me know! Thank you!!!

  61. Robert Says:

    I love the art of Braid. It has had more effect on my artistic drive and expression than anything else. Thank you so much for creating the visual element to such a beautiful world. Please contact me if you are ever going to consider selling some Braid art!

  62. Game Design Challenge 5: Digital Game with Game Feel « VA 306 – Intro to Game Design (Spring 2012) Says:

    […] Scratch clipart, or make use of images from free sprite databases. David Hellman has also made his sprites from Braid freely […]

  63. SnowOnion Says:

    Thank you very much for Braid pictures~~

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