Two Braid Web Comics

August 21st, 2008

Following Penny Arcade, a couple more web comics have seen fit to trivialize my work. Great stuff! Please make more.

Bears of War by Mr. Herring

Chainsawsuit by Kris Straub

3 Responses to “Two Braid Web Comics”

  1. Mr. Herring Says:

    Thanks for noticing my strip, David Hellman! I didn’ t realize, that the “Bears…” are known outside the magic circle of few people… Just kiddin’ . I have to say, that your work on Braid is amazing. The art was the first thing, that catch my attention. After that I have discovered, that the gameplay is as good as the art… Well, it’s an unique and great game, nothing more to say.

  2. Hempuli Says:

    I must say that the comic at bears of war was totally awesome! Represents the good sides of time manipulation very well.

  3. Mike Dunbar Says:

    Hey, great stuff.

    I’ve just started a campaign of mass plugging on my website for you as I’ve decided everyone should know about your work. This has taken the form of a tribute comic, and a few more to come probably.


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