Measure it however you want; Braid is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on August 6.

Microsoft is promoting it as part of the Summer of Arcade, a PR feat underlining an imminent batch of quality games.

Meanwhile, IGN has awarded Braid as “runner up” for Best Artistic Design at E3 2008. Normally I prefer to win awards rather than almost win, but Prince of Persia, which received the top honor in that category, does look pretty cool.

Braid did win IGN’s awards for Best Puzzle Game and Best Xbox Live Arcade Game, and was runner up for a couple other categories, as blogged by Jonathan.

I am pretty excited to have more people playing Braid! It’s a transformative moment when an art work becomes available to a broad public. What begins as an object of personal creative attention suddenly belongs to each individual who encounters it. My relationship to the work, with all its stages (inspiration, uncertainty, resolve, satisfaction, malaise, pride, doubt, and on…) becomes secondary to this brand new moment: someone sits down, starts to play, has a feeling. My intentions and expectations recede as the work starts to live on its own, meaning whatever it will mean to each player, as a game among games. I’m very aware of this because I’ve never worked on something for so long before it reached its audience.

With luck I’ll get another Art of Braid up here in coming days/weeks. Or maybe there’s a fresh way to shed light on and help to promote Braid? Jon and I are working on some modest additions to the official site to provide a better overview. I’ll post here when that’s done. Hopefully before the game comes out!

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