Braid would have been released a while ago, but it was delayed to improve the end product. The fact is, not everyone wants to solve puzzles; some people just want an experience. We’ve made a number of changes in recent months to ensure Braid can be enjoyed by the widest possible group.

Meet Bloopi! He will repeatedly jump into your path. If you touch him, he becomes your inseparable companion.

Bloopi is an autonomous AI controlled personality. To help the player form an emotional connection, Bloopi points out useful things. Look! He found a key!

Bloopi is a hungry little guy. He’ll eat just about anything that’s not nailed down … including Tim (so be careful)! Feed him a lot and he’ll evolve.

When Bloopi evolves, he emits a happy squeal and immediately solves the nearest puzzle. Then he returns to normal.

Repeat the process and you can beat the whole game this way … if you really want to!

Bloopi ages in real time. Whereas he used to bound joyously in front of you, soon he begins to lag behind. His bones become weak and his skin loses elasticity.

Caring for Bloopi takes more and more of your time. You find yourself cancelling social engagements and passing up interesting jobs. Whatever life you used to have is forgotten.

Bloopi dies, and you’re alone in the house.

17 Responses to “The Art of Braid, Part V: The Emotional Experience”

  1. isaac Says:

    Awesome! I was worried that Braid was a little lacking in personality. And what better way to draw the player in that a pet AI character that ages in real time?

  2. oligophagy Says:

    Ha ha, wonderful. I assume I can use Microsoft® Points to purchase Bloopi accessories, such as new hats and tassels, to make the experience uniquely my own, yes?

  3. Ed Says:

    thank god he’s dead.

  4. Alex Says:

    That’s pretty cool, but I hope you still have to think a lot even if you have a choice…

    Games don’t do that enough.

    By the way: even though you’ve heard this a lot, this game looks great and I’m really excited about it.

  5. Norm Says:

    I left a similar comment over on Jonathan’s Braid site but I’ll repeat it here: this is the best game industry related April Fools joke on the whole of the internet. Kudos.

  6. drBoiffard Says:

    Hahahha. Awesome. What about the cooperative mode?? LoL.

  7. Alex Says:

    Oooh. April fools…

    I figured Lego Halo out, but…

  8. Tinus Says:

    Fantastic! Easily the best april fools laugh I’ve had in years.

  9. J-Man Says:

    Oh god no! Why Bloopi?? WHY?!!?

  10. Lorne Says:

    Oh god, you’re a terrible person D:.

  11. David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part VIII: Tim’s House Says:

    […] maybe we should have Bloopi go, “Look, Tim! The magic of the puzzles is powering the ladder segments! It’s […]

  12. ALH Says:

    Those nipple tassles…

  13. BrendantheJedi Says:

    Actually, think that there should have been a “Bloopi” level in Braid. Would have been quite interesting.

  14. Kobayen Says:

    I’m actually divided, because I really could use some help to catch that darn princess… altho seemingly, Bloopi dies at World 3, eh?

    Hmmn.. with Braid now on PC, Bloopi mods can be possible.
    Scary thought…

  15. gavin Says:

    I know this is an ancient history post, but I can’t help but laugh at the way Tim looks at Bloopi in the pictures.

  16. Item! – The Tweets Are Still Alive Says:

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  17. Linh Says:

    Like gavin said, his expression is hilarious. In the second picture, I’m just imagining Tim silently muttering to himself “Ohgodgoaway”

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